Mireille Gleizes

as a pianist

Friends and Partners

Here are some links to friends in music having their own sites : contemporary composers, other performers I play with, orchestras etc.

This page is always « under construction »… of course.

Mikhaïl Bezverkhny
Violist, altist, composer, comedian etc.

Dirk Brossé
Composer of many film soundtracks. Also conductor and trompetist.

Boudewijn Buckinx
Wonderful and prolific composer

Romain Dayez
Belgian Baryton with who I enjoyed to create Dupraz’ Vincent Van Gogh.

Frederic Devreese
He composed all the soundtracks of André Delvaux’ movies, and other wonderful pieces.

Dominique Dupraz
How many project with Dominique’s music ?!

Antonio Eduardo
A great friend and Brazilian pianist

Michael Kugel
Violist, composer and specialist of Shchostakovich

Piotr Lachert
THE Piotr Lachert!

Michel Lysight
One the the most hopeful European composer

Gilberto Mendes and the Santos Festival

Alain Van Kerckhoven
He publishes the music I love.

i Fiamminghi
I often played for this orchestra conducted by Rudolph Werthen.