Mireille Gleizes

as a pianist

Lux Vitris

LUX VITRIS is a recording of Dominique Dupraz’ recents works for voice and piano : Trois moments de la vie d’un poète, Liminaires II, Chants and Les Vitraux de Saint Maximin de Metz (piano solo).

 This production by Espaces Sonores XXI was a great collaboration with the French Soprano Élise Gäbelle for the first three works. 

The disc is available by the composer and the last work is published within the New Consonant Music label.


5 Pièces pour piano

5 PIÈCES POUR PIANO is a new monographic recording of Dominique Dupraz recents piano works : Un monde par delà les mondes, Jeux de cloches, Reflets, Paris Forever and Ballade pour un enfant.

The disc is available by the composer and most works are available within the New Consonant Music label.


Piotr Lachert: Music for piano trio

This album was produced by the composer' »s sister, the violinist Hanna Lachert. Sonata 25 is performed by the Warterville Trio and Les Nuits bergamasques by Michael Bezverkhny, Ilia Laporev and myself.


Lettres de Vincent Van Gogh à son frère Théo

DOMINIQUE DUPRAZ is a recording featuring a voice-piano version of  : Lettres de Vincent Van Gogh à son frère Théo but also Présence and O’ko.

It was a fantastic collaboration with the comedian Yvan Tjolle

The disc is available by the composer and the work will be published within the New Consonant Music label.


Espaces Sonores

ESPACES SONORES is a monographic recording of Dominique Dupraz recents piano works : 24 Préludes, Let’s Dance and Prélude n°25.

The disc is available by the composer and the work will be published within the New Consonant Music label.


Carnet d’Émeraude

The long awaited first “recueil” of the famous radio program aired from 1987 until 1995 on Belgian Public Radio. This is part of a serie which will feature the full library that made the special feeling of the CARNET D’EMERAUDE program. Music from other worlds, blending tracks with no regards of races, time and style. Just a musical journey, deep, into your imagination.

My recording of Georgs Pelecis’ Quatrième Suite, published by Alain Van Kerckhoven was selected to be part of this famous collection.



  • France Springuel, cello
  • Mireille Gleizes, piano
  • I Fiamminghi (dir. R. Werthen)

Arvo Pärt : Fratres // Cantus in memory of Benjamin Britten // Summa // Festina lente




ROMANCE is the soundtrack by Dirk Brossé for the eponym movie by Douglas Boswell. Soprano Joke Cromheecke and myself were soloists, with Prima la musica ensemble directed by the composer.


Les Nuits bergamasques

LES NUITS BERGAMASQUES « un petit CD entre amis » is a very special project imagined by Alain Van Kerckhoven, published and friend of the composer for his 60th birthday. The musicians were Michel Bezverkhny, Ilia Laporev and myself, Mireille Gleizes.

The disc is an collector, unsold. Only 50 copies were produced.


Espaces du dedans

  • Mireille Gleizes, piano
  • Mikhaïl Bezverkhny, violin
  • Ilia Laporev, cello

Dominique Dupraz : Lettres intimes // Marine // Polychromie // Album

Fibonacci Production FIBO-003


  • Elzbieta Szmytka, Soprano
  • Paul-Edmund-Davies, alto flute
  • Mireille Gleizes, piano
  • Huub Righarts, percussion

Henryk Górecki : Three Pieces in old style // Kleines Requiem für eine polka // Good Night


Sit Down and Listen

SIT DOWN AND LISTEN is my first monographic album. It features some of the most iconic works of the New Consonant Music label imagined by Alain Van Kerckhoven.

Krzystof Knittel : Quatre Préludes // Henrique Morozowicz : Variaçoès « Frère Jacques » // Georgs Pelecis : Quatrième Suite // Michel Lysight : Monochrone // Gilberto Mendes : Três Contos de Cortazar // Piotr Lachert : Deuxième Sonate // Boudewijn Buckinx : Adagio, the famous one, of course

Alain Van Kerckhoven Éditeur AVK-001



Soundtrack of Marie, a Belgian feature film directed by Marian Handwerker in 1993 with Marie Gillain. The music was composed by Dirk Brossé and performed by Le Nouvel Orchestre de Chambre de Belgique directed by the composer.



Soundtrack of the movie Daens, a film by Stijn Coninx, based upon the novel Pieter Daens by Louis Paul Boon. Recorded and mixed at BRTN Studio’s Brussels, May ’92.

  • Orchestra – The New Belgian Chamber Orchestra*
  • Other [Publishing & Promotion] – Guido Janssens, Luc Standaert
  • Percussion – Nic Goovaerts (tracks: 9)
  • Piano – Mireille Gleizes
  • Producer, Supervised By – Johan Favoreel
  • Soprano Vocals – Christel De Meulder*
  • Trumpet – Alain Roelant and Dirk Brossé
  • Choir – Ex Tempore Chorus
  • Concertmaster, Violin – Leonid Kerbel
  • Conductor [Choir] – Florian Heyerick